The Utromazoids are the eight Utrom clones with Krang's DNA who appear in the episode The Invasion of the Utromazoids.

Personalities, voices, and colorsEdit

  • Nasty Utromazoid (Michael Dorn): blue
  • Scaredy Utromazoid (Greg Cipes): yellow
  • Vain Utromazoid (Barry Gordon): purple
  • Gloomy Utromazoid (Cam Clarke): dark green
  • Envy Utromazoid (Pat Fraley): emerald green
  • Goofy Utromazoid (Seth Green): light green
  • Snobby Utromazoid (Kevin Michael Richardson): indigo
  • Smarty Utromazoid (Pat Fraley): grey


  • They are an amalgam of both the Utroms (2003 series) and Krangazoids (1987 series).

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