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Newtrailzer (duh! The title is Tmnt: The Great Return of Newtrailzer)

Mutanimals (Slash, Leatherhead, Pigeon Pete, and Dr. Rockwell)

Turtles (Leo/Leonardo, Raph/Rapheal, Donnie/Donnitello, and Mikey/Michelangelo)

Casey Jones

April O' Neil

Kerby O' Neil

Kraang, Kraang Prime (kinda)






KayKay (Fanmade by me)

Skrillz (Fanmade by me)

Iqicwo (Fanmade by me)

Foot Clan

Kickarooko (Fanmade by me)

Master Splinter/Hamato Yoshi

Mando Gecko/Jason

Spiderbites/Ugly Face

Chapter 1 Leo Edit

Leo was waiting for night to head out with his brothers and the Mutanimals. It felt like a second was an hour. Leo just sighed.

"Come on, bro! Relax!" said his brother, Micky, on a office chair. "And wait three more hours?" Leo asked, looking sideways at his younger brother. "Well, ya." replied Micky. He pretended to play the bango and went away.

"You waiting, too, Leonardo?" asked Slash as he came to sit beside him. "What else is there to do?" Leo replied. "Nothing much," said Slash.

Leo could tell Slash was thinking about something, but what? Slash sat up and started walking towards the garage. "I'm going to check on the Mutanimals. See you, Leonardo."

Leo sighed. It's going to take forever until night! Leo thought, impatiently.

It was finally go time! "Let's go!" cried Micky. Leatherhead roared. All of them raced off to the exit.

The rooftops felt good to run on. Leatherhead was keeping up, suprisingly. "WHAO!" cheered Micky.