Karai gets captured21:17

Karai gets captured

Karai restrain by aliens

karai restrain by the aliens.

The date is the second episode of Karai's adventure.

Section headingEdit

Dr Chaplin was watching Karai doing some positions in the training room.  Chaplin talks to himself to how pretty Karai was and was embarressed when he left the microphone on with Karai's cheeks blushing. Meanwhile, some aliens with physic aliens come to Earth and invades Karai's home.
Karai frozen

Karai frozen.

Chaplin tries to fight back and gets knockout, and the aliens freezes Karai in mid - air.
Karai immobilized

Karai frozen stiff.

The young ninja was helpless when she struggles to move, but luckily Chaplin defeated their leader as they retreat back to their spaceship. Karai thanks Chaplin as he takes her to see a ninja movie.

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