Teenage mutant ninja turtles (or Geek and Necko's TMNT (The Teenage mutant ninja turtles, or TTMNT, as Necko wants to call it)) is a Fan fiction originally written on DeviantART by SpectraPinkie, now continued on Geek-and-Neckos-TMNT ( It is ongoing, currently up to episode six, with a new chapter/episode every month or so.

It's a unique take on the franchise, often reworking many well known (and lesser) elements from every incarnation, into one new, more-or-less different story.

At the end of every other chapter/episode, there is a half-shell-hero short to lighten the mood (with a few exceptions, only to avoid throwing the ending off).

The first chapter came out in May of 2015, and since then, while obscure, is considered a hit by Geek and Necko's standards, with the first episode having the combined total from both uploads of 150+ views.


Season one:

  1. The Birthday Surprise: The turtles are allowed to go out and be heroes for a change as a birthday gift of sorts; April's career goes down in flames.
  2. The Real Mission: April gives the Turtle information to stop a bank robbery...or is it something more?
  3. The New Guys: The Turtles meet some new enemies; Raphael makes a new friend.
  4. The Desicion: Leonardo meets a mysterious girl who needs help, and must decide if he should take her to Master Splinter.
  5. The Gamble: When Raphael and Michelangelo sneak out against Splinter's wishes, and Baxter Stockman creates something new, they are in for a real treat.
  6. The Rumor: A rumor starts going around about a criminal, while the turtles are not allowed out; Karai seeks a mysterious enemy.
  7. The Justice: Coming in soon...


Leonardo: Calm, yet easily excited by cartoons and comics. He is the leader, but still has a lot to learn. Presumably the eldest, but probably not by too much, seeing as he still has his moments of geeky-ness.

Raphael: He cares about his brothers very deeply, he just doesn't like to show his "mushy-ness". Either way, don't press his buttons too much, or else you're asking for a for a bruisin'.

Donatello: The brains. A little over protective of Michelangelo, a little cranky when he's tired, but all around has good intentions...unless you take his coffee. And maybe a little defensive over some things, but otherwise, he wouldn't hurt a fly.

Michelangelo: Most likely the youngest, but since they're real ages are unknown, he's assumed to be around fifteen, just like his older brothers. He's probably been a lot more sheltered than the others due to an, ahem, incident, but he's certainly ready to start taking risks!

Splinter: Real name is Hamato Yoshi. When he was human, he had a feud with Oruko Saki, who later started going by the name "The Shredder". He went under cover as a scientist, and accidentally got mutated with four turtles. Now he fears what kind of trouble his sons will get into, because there are simply things he feels that they are not ready for.

April O'Neil: Formerly an intern working for StockCorp/Stockman industries, now out of a job due to her discovery of her boss' true intentions.

Casey Jones: College student by day, vigilante by night. Bringing justice to the world, he sadly can't make it to a date on time.

The Shredder: Also known as Oruko Saki, he was once Splinter's best friend, now they're worst enemies. He cares for his daughter Karai, even if he doesn't show it much. The one behind it all, he is The Shredder, leader of the Foot clan!

Krang: A Kraang from Dimension X. His name is essentially a spelling difference to tell him apart from the other Kraang. He came to Earth to make it his new home, unfortunately, his plan would do more harm than good.

Baxter Stockman: Owner of StockCorp/Stockman industries. He's cared for April, stabbed her in the back, robbed banks...perhaps he's gone down the wrong path, but hey, there ain't no rest for the wicked, and money don't grow on trees.

Bebop: Formerly a Purple Dragon, now a mutant warthog working working for the Foot. He refuses to do anything without his bestie Rocksteady.

Rocksteady: Formerly a Purple Dragon, now a mutant rhinoceros working for the Foot. He refuses to do anything without his best friend Bebop.

Karai: The daughter of Shredder. Cunning, but oh so pretty...a perfect kunoichi. Lotus blossoms hold a special place to her, because they remind her of her mother. She also loves dressing in dark clothes whenever she gets to.

Hun: He is the leader of the Purple dragons. He attends the same college as Casey, and steals in order to pay for it. Partially because he thinks it's fun, partially because his parents want him to stay in college.

Irma: The roommate of April, and girlfriend of Casey, both of which she begins to trust less and less. What's her boyfriend doing that causes him to miss dates or come injured? And why is her best friend leaving everyday to come home smelly, or even missing for days. While she isn't pondering this, she's pet sitting.


  • Geek and Necko have made two deals: keep April human, and to not use the scrapped concept of "Nightmares recycled".
  • Ideally, if this were to be actual animation, there would be a blond girl dressed in nothing but blue making a cameo in every episode, up until season three, when she becomes relevant.
  • The Half-shell-heroes shorts draw inspiration from two things: The 2012 side toyline of the same name, and Teen Titans go.
  • One of the earliest concepts was Irma and Casey dating. This comes from Irma being boy crazy, as well as a reason for April and Casey to have anything to do with each other before finding out that they both know the Turtles.
  • Some of Mikey's characteristics come from Geek and her little sister, because they're both homeschooled.
  • Geek usually runs the DeviantART, and fun fact, she's also writing this article! Hi!
  • So far, Necko has one episode written, but it still has to be proofread, and won't come until a lot later in the story.

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