Based on the IDW Comics  and inspired by the ongoing Nickelodeon animated television series of the same name, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the fanfiction web series that tells the story of the Ninja Turtles who were adopted and trained in the art of ninjutsu by their rat sensei, Master Splinter. The genre is planned to be action/adventure, science fiction, urban fantasy, teen drama, martial arts, and comedy-drama.


Leonardo "Leo" HamatoEdit

  • Name: Leonardo Hamato
  • Nickname: Leo, Fearless Leader, CaptainTurtleFusion (username on genius website), Lover Boy, Kid, Fanboy
  • Species: Mutant Ornate Box Turtle
  • Birth date/Mutation date: June 5, 2000
  • Age: 16
  • Personality: Cocky, laid-back, heroic, enthusiastic, level-headed, innocent, diligent, smart, thoughtful, ambitious, self-righteous, handsome, lovable, fun-loving, kind, selfless
  • Place: Queens, New York
  • Ethnic Background: Mutant Turtle in the USA
  • Religion: Kenjutsu
  • Philosophy: Zen
  • Current Address: Queens, NY
  • Current Occupation/Role: The Leader
  • Abilities: Mastery of Ninjutsu, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Stealth, Katana, Healing Factor, Semi-Immortality, Intelligence, Healing Power, Stamina and Endurance

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