Please note that most things here are still in progress. And by the way, some of this stuff is for mature audiences. Thanks.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: UNISON (referred to TMNTU, TMNT: Shell on Earth, formerly TMNT: Four Turtles of the Apocalypse) is a fan-made rebuild. The genre is planned to be action/adventure and dark-comedy, with some supernatural elements (demons, zombies, Lovecraftian horrors, etc.)


Revolved around an post-apocalyptic New York; there was only a set of four turtles and a rat; being brought by a older man as pets, little did he know, he was then surrounded by a small group of Kra'ang drones. one of the drones 'leaked' all over the man and landing on the rat and turtles; he was mutated into a humanoid-rodent being, along with the turtles, with fang-like mouths, and striped and glowing innards.

Later on; this "man" and his "sons" had lived into the sewers, underneath the depths of the city. With his abilities to teach his sons about ninjutsu, this had been developed into the turtles' minds. When the turtles reached teenagerhood, the mutagen slightly grew into them, causing them to develop a "beast mode", in which the teeth grow sharp; and the eyes glow into a solid color. This can be controlled at anytime or until later. This "beast mode" still has its unknown discovery.

It is now 2022, and the Kra'ang are still planning for an entire mutation line of the human race. The turtles had sneaked out into the surface to find out what it's like in the partially destoryed city. While out into a part of town, they saw April O'Neil; a young civilian, who was surrounded by Kra'ang drones. The turtles engage in a fight with the drone, and they have succeeded. While the turtles had rescue April, she was still partially anxious about the Kra'ang tracking "her" down.

Cast (Work in Progress)Edit

Main Cast Edit

Leonardo: The only sane older brother of the four. He's considered a teacher's pet for Splinter. He is very calm and quiet, yet he's nearly ready to be a true leader of the team. He meditates in his spare time, and wants to progress.

Donatello: The brains of the team. He's really into building machines, and has a hobby for collecting the corpses and organs of his enemies, and can be perfectionist. When nervous enough, he sweats vigorously. He has his heart for April and can also turn obsessive and violent when protecting her.

Rapheal: The brawn of the team. He's crude and sarcastic, and cracks jokes at anyone's spoken words, or perspectives. He can also be offensive, but not often. He rivals Leonardo and tends to be vulgar all the time.

Michelangelo: The prankster of the team. He has affinity for pizza, gummy bears, and overall cute things. Even though he looks happy and dresses in kandi, he secretly has crippling depression. Rapheal typically treats him like a small dog. He also feeds on domestic animals in his nature.

Master Splinter: Who used to be Hamato Yoshi, as he is currently a wiser rat-mutant. He is considered a father figure to the turtles. He only goes into "beast mode" while possessed or seeing that his family/sons are in danger.

April O'Neil: An upbeat, yet smart high school journalist. Despite her innocent appearance, she has a parasitic "dying princess", which gives her a reason for the Kra'ang to look for her.

Casey Jones: An avid sports and scary story fanatic who is a ally of the turtles. Since he was killed during an encounter with the Kra'ang, he had been found by Donatello and revived with a few flaws in his mind. He sports a mask from his tiny collection and various melee weapons. Casey is still a decent vigilante with a ambitious attempt to track down any crime.

The Shredder: An sadistic, yet somewhat narcissistic former prince of Hell and the leader of the Foot Clan who is tracking down Splinter in order to get revenge. He has a mouth coated in disfigured, oni-like teeth; which he covers with his mask, and retractable spikes in his lower legs and arms. He tends to convert his mutant subjects into killers and servants.

Baxter Stockman/Stockmantis: An scientist who is currently working with Shredder, in order to get recognized by that peer. Most of his experiments are robots. (Mousers, Phobics). Later in the first season, Sleedge and Ridgeback attempts to bring him back as a strange, biomechanical abomination, but the results are very buggy.

Sleedge: The leader of the Shredder's minion trio. She was previously a redheaded broad with a lack of common sense. After being dipped in mutagen with a hammerhead shark, she became what she is today. She doesn't like Ridgeback for his stupidity and occasional sexual innuendos (but can't help to get it on with him.)

Ridgeback: The brawn of the minion trio. He was a Johnny Bravo-esque masculinist who loved Sleedge. After facing a similar mutation like his lover, he became a stronger equine mutant who lost some of his intelligence in the process.

Weenipede: The mascot of the minion trio. He was Sleedge's and Ridgeback's dog. He was infused with a centipede and formed a longer frame than a dachshund. He is somewhat good at driving vehicles, due to developed intelligence from the mutagen.

Mattis "Skelevore" Cyrek: An Xr'Myssist priest from the eldritch Dimension X. He is in charge of Bebop, Rocksteady and Tokka. His face had "dried-out" from an age of being nearly a thousand years old, giving him a "skeletal" appearance and the ability to consume the indigestable. He is insane, unstable, and masochistic.

Bebop: The warthog brains of Skelevore's minions. He was an weapons dealer who originated as a knife specialist. He handles many knives, and hides his face with cross-shaped glasses. 

Rocksteady: The rhinoceros brute of Skelevore's minions. He was previously a Russian street thug associated with a dark part of society. He handles heavy weapons and various machine guns.

Tokka: Bebop and Rocksteady's pet, and rival to Weenipede. He is a tiny, spiked juvenile mutant-snapping turtle with a short attention span, but he's good at aiming himself as a weapon during combat. His spider-like legs can also grip to many surfaces. Personally, Michelangelo thinks he's adorable.

Slayhound: The secretary of Skelevore. He was a natural greyhound until he was injected with a mutagen, causing his coloration to brighten, and became a "hellhound"; The horn he wears is really a prostethic. He is often quiet and abrasive.

The Kra'ang: An unknown, Lovecraftian-like species of Dimension X. They have came to plant their Queen into the core of the Earth, in order to multiply. Their bodies are able to speak, while the Kra'ang inside each body cannot. Their bodies have the ability to grow blades from their scrawny muscles, since they have no skin; and they can almost transform into anything.

Recurring Cast Edit

Leatherhead: a physically unstable mutant-alligator that escaped from the Kra'ang. He is aggressive, and confident. His third eye supplies his instability; and once removed, he is useless. He speaks through a communication collar.

The Rat King: An animal-tamer from a traveling circus who was caught in mutagen and rat DNA. Instead of being brightly colored, his clothes merged and had darkened his appearance, even smearing his makeup. He can control the rats, or other small rodents, for that matter. It's all with his mind.

Charlotte: a mutant-snack cake that possesses Michelangelo's thoughts. She was once a sweet girl, but upon discovering a trail of mutagen and a box of chocolate cupcakes that Mikey left out; she became a mind reading, psychopathic vision.

The Kra'ang Queen: An Kra'ang "administrator" that works like a queen ant, and is responsible for being the "body-producer". The eggs on her lower body; can slip out at her will, and they can quickly, or slowly form a newer drone. Unusually, she is hidden in the "Technodrome" Chamber until she is ready to be released.

Kiba: also known as Miwa, Yoshi's long-lost daughter, as she is currently a eldritch snake-mutant with the ability to transform into a normal-looking girl. She is passionate, sweet, and caring.

K'rai: A clone of Miwa, created by Skelevore; as a guard of the abandoned church where he hides. She was generated after he kidnapped her, as a subject of Eldritch Replication. K'rai is specialized in self defense, and her head can split from the bottom of her chin, towards to the tip of her neck. Unlike Miwa; She is aggressive, hard-hitting, impolite, and can be hostile towards anyone in their path.

Wingnut: A supermuscular; eyeless alien bat that some say is a predator. All he wears is very weird bondage gear to look more "dominant". He encountered Leonardo and Michelangelo and attempted to molest them. He then develops a horrible relationship with Leatherhead.

Screwloose: An anatomically incorrect alien mosquito and Wingnut's sidekick. He is dressed like a stereotypical human, but has a totally gross vertical eye. He's clever and says 'bitch' alot, and is extremely cynical towards his victims.

Mona Lisa: An agender frill neck lizard who came to New York to study the reasons for the apocalyptic events involving the Kra'ang. They're usually into The Arts and Science, which would explain their interest in studying the turtles at first. They're really interested in Rapheal, from their experience with him. They prefer to go by "Mona" and plays a tentacle shaped guitar in their spare time.

Tiziano "Turtle Titan": The nightmarish fusion between all four turtles, as a punishment from Skelevore. Their personalities are mixed, ranging from aggressive to sociopathic. Their weapon is their bladed intestines, which acts like a grappling hook or a throwing knife.

Wyrm: The name of Mikey's large intestine, as a result of digesting some mutagen. Later on, he progresses into a bipedal creature. He has a mind of his own and smaller, living "dreadlocks" with nasty bites. The colors of his teeth come from the amount of gummy bears his host eats.

Kirby: The Turtles' unborn brother that lives on Donatello's shelf. He struggles to get out of his glass jar and progresses as he is no longer in the Ooze of Youth. He has a eyestalk for legs that he sees through, as 89.9% of his body is paralyzed.

(Yet To Be Confirmed) Cast Edit

The Purple Dragons: (TBA)

Renet: an Time Angel.

Season 1Edit

EP1: "Post-Invasion Discovery" It's the second time the turtles come out other than last night... They discover April again and discover the plans to the Kra'ang's "repopulation"

EP2: "HammerHorse Bomb" Shredder's Foot Soldiers have found the victims of mutation, a illegalized couple that will become the mutant trio known as Sleedge and Ridgeback. Later, the two plant a bomb near the sewers; and the turtles must reverse the clock.

EP3: "Underneath the Sewers" The turtles discover Leatherhead, a victim and a runaway of the Kra'ang. Soon, Sleedge and Ridgeback learn about the Kra'ang's mutagen disposal.

EP4: "To The Vigilante Mind of Casey Jones" While fighting a few foot soldiers, the turtles discover a strange yet kind-of insane; masked vigilante. Meanwhile, Baxter plans to create more mutant minions, with the help of Sleedge and Ridgeback.

EP5: "... Isolation." Baxter's Mousers and another set of robot serpents, the Phobics; have gone awry. The robots invade the sewers, and are suddenly programmed to find April.

EP6: "Baxter La Mantis" Baxter "accidentally" mutates, and has fused with his broken Mousers and Phobics as well. He then becomes a motherly, yet sadistic mantis/mosquito-like mutant.

EP7: "30,000 Rats Under The Tent" A local circus performer is suddenly involved with the Kra'ang, As a canister slips, he becomes the Rat King, literally controlling every rodent in the city. Splinter is then becoming under control of the Rat King.

EP8: "NOW! That's What I Call The Kra'ang Queen" The Kra'ang's "repopulation" has final begun. The turtles, April, and Casey must stop them once and for all.

EP9: "NOW! That's What I Call The Kra'ang Queen 2" Part 2 of EP9, The Kra'ang Queen has been revealed and is ready to become a "Worldly Tree" for her next set of Drones. Will the turtles stop her before she plants herself into the core of the Earth?

Season 2Edit

EP10: "Death Bells" a newcomer crimelord from Dimension X has arrived to NYC. Meanwhile, Donnie rebuilds April.

EP11: "There Will Be Shining Armor" Bebop and Rocksteady are assigned to find Shredder's armor.

EP12: "One Angry Birthday Boy" It's Michelangelo's birthday, and his brothers don't realize it. A mysterious figment under the name of "Charlotte" is developed and forces him into misbelief.

EP13: "Girl?" An eldritch being is found in the streets and is kidnapped by Skelevore.

EP14: "They Came From K'rozz" Two of the turtles find two intergalactic "predators".

EP15: "Francois Madison" Raph and Casey discover a once obscure musician. What they don't know yet is that the artist is a mutated abomination from the Kra'ang Harvest, planning to brainwash teenage humans.

EP17: "The Ballad of Mona" A agender lizard who was formerly a science experiment from another country, is stopping by, and Rapheal caught their eye.

EP18: "New York Saw Staff Massacre" Donatello tries to build a prototype of a staff, and the results are graphic.

EP19: "Breathe In, Breathe Out, Destroy" The turtles and Miwa team up to prevent Skelevore from converting innocent people to Xr'Myssists.

Season 3 Edit



EP22: "Oral Prolapse Warrior!" Michealangelo swallows some mutagen on purpose, causing his large intestine to protrude from his mouth. Donnie must find a cure.


EP24: "Kirby." The pickled, obscure brother of the four escapes from his "regression hell" and slowly grows to become a 5th turtle.


Trivia Edit

  • The turtles' designs were going to have black (with colored accents) accessories. This was changed by inverting the colors, and would probably be used for a "nightmare turtles" subplot.
  • Each turtles' ages range. Leonardo and Donatello are 16, Rapheal is 15, Michelangelo is 14.
  • Miwa/Kiba's design was inspired by Double from Skullgirls and the King Cobra.
  • Most of the fight scenes would be incredibly violent and gory, taking an infleunce from Superjail!.
  • The highest death rate will belong to the Kra'ang Drones and Foot Soldiers.
  • "One Angry Birthday Boy" may be similar to the 1989 episode "Michelangelo's Birthday"
  • Francois Madison is a reference to Marilyn Manson; and may be a reference to other alternative artists.
  • Mona may be a spoof of Marceline of Adventure Time.
  • It may be possible that Screwloose has the same speaking pattern as Scary Terry from Rick and Morty.
  • Wyrm's design may be influenced by the sandworms from Beetlejuice, due to the stripey pattern; and Renard, an alias under the Lapfox Trax label.
  • There is a pickled fetus in Donnie's lab named Kirby. This is a reference to a rejected concept for a fifth turtle.