Exercise With The Turtles
Season 4, Episode 7
Air date Feburary 16, 2016
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Journey To The Center Of Mikey's Mind
Exercise With The Turtles is the 7th episode of Season 4 and the 59th episode overall.

Includes - Part 1: Go! Edit

  • Strech Up High
  • Up And Down
  • Jumping #1
  • Side To Side
  • Stand Up, Sit Down
  • Standing On One Leg
  • Jumping #2
  • Walking
  • Leonardo Loves Marching
  • Raphael Loves Dancing
  • Donatello Loves Skipping
  • Michelangelo Loves Crawling
  • Everybody Loves Jumping (Jumping #3)
  • Go To Sleep Turtles

Includes - Part 2 : Ready Set Go! Edit

  • Leonardo and Raphael Play "Head Shoulders Knees And Toes" Outside/ Donatello and Michelangelo Play "Head Shoulders Knees And Toes" Inside
  • Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Song)
  • Turtles Playing "Do What I Do", a Copying Game
  • Leonardo and Michelangelo Playing a Copying Game
  • Donatello Moves From Side To Side
  • Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Song #2)
  • Leonardo Jumping
  • The Turtles Copying Metalhead

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