April Port
April O'Neil
Biographical information

Dying Princess



Weapon(s) of choice



Former princess of Dimension X, High school student



Physical description

Kra'ang parasite/Human




slightly shorter than Leo or Raph



Hair color


Eye color


Out of universe information


First appearance

Post-Invasion Discovery

Voiced by

Tara Strong

Teachers and Students
"April O'Neil" is a secondary character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: UNISON.

Appearance Edit

April is slightly shorter than Leonardo or Rapheal and has an average build. She has peach skin with freckles, green eyes and orange, flipped hair. Depending on the art style, she has fingernails that are the same color as her blouse.

She sports a yellow blouse with a white, collared under shirt, a blue skirt, white socks and black dress shoes that match her bow.

Her actual form is a Kra'ang drone with a tatzlwyrm-like hind-end. She also has a appendage that resembles her bow; which acts like a second mouth with 2 rows of teeth.

Abilities Edit

She has neat handwriting and carries a swiss-pen with her at all times.

Personality Edit

At an early time, April was a part of Dimension X's "Dying Princess Project", which was development for who may be the next princess of the Kra'ang. Days later, she finds a portal to New York's back alleys. When she found a girl, she violently infects her and takes the body. She becomes used to it and goes on with her new life.

Present day, April is a ambitious, upbeat, yet cowardly high school journalist. She usually sees Donatello as obsessive, possibly with further awareness about the fact that he is a yandere.

At the near end of "NOW! That's What I Call The Kra'ang Queen 2", she becomes sensitive and overreactive. These are signs of what happens after the development of the "Dying Princess Project". In the end of the episode, her exoskeleton melts and what's left is her actual form. As she is killed, her organs are left for Donnie to rebuild her in the next season.

Trivia Edit

  • Her bow resembles the bow that is popularized by Rin Kagamine, a vocaloid.
  • According to the character designer, Xandrea; April may feel like a "genderswapped" version of Dean Venture from the cartoon The Venture Brothers. Due to the fact that they are "teen reporters" with identical freckles and possibly hair color.
  • She was originally a normal girl, but with the fact that the 'mutant' concept has been done many times, she is confirmed to be a parasite.

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